Introductory Course Stand-Up Comedy
Onderstaande tekst is in het Engels omdat de show in het Engels is.

Introductory Course Stand-Up Comedy

by Zuva Martens

Introductory course Stand-Up comedy

The introduction course stand-up comedy consists of two parts. Writing a joke and playing it.

While writing, we explore how to develop a good joke. We explain terms such as the Set-up, Punch and the well-known One liner. During the first part, everyone writes a text that will be practiced and played in the second part.

The second part consists of performing your own material. How do you stand on stage? How do you handle the microphone? How do you tell your jokes in such a way that the audience laughs? Finally, you can show your material on stage at Comedy Club Haug, amplified and in the spotlights. Like a real comedian.

This all-round experience from start to finish gives a little insight into how it works to joke and play like a real standup comedian does. Everything is supervised by a comedian or director affiliated with Club Haug.

language: English spoken
length: 3 hours
location: Club Haug, Rotterdam
price: 95 euros per person, including lunch

za 13 jan 2024
13:00 - 16:00
Zaal: The Corner Room
Entree€ 95,50