Corporate events

Club Haug offers Corporate Comedy: all forms of comedy for business.

Whether you are looking for a host, a solid boost for your team or a course in presenting: for everything that involves a laugh, Corporate Comedy is the place to go.

Bespoke Performances

Conferences that seem to last for hours, speeches from your boss with awkward jokes; we can all relate. Do you want your guests to genuinely enjoy themselves? Do you want your company's special moments never to be forgotten? We would be happy to help you out.

 Corporate Comedy works with various comedians to turn your meeting into a party.

How? With a tailor-made stand-up comedy set, a daytime chairmanship, online or offline: we offer everything you need.

Price? The possibilities are endless! That's why we're interested in your wishes, we'll be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

Comedy Team Workshops

Do you frequently roll on the floor laughing by the coffee machine? Then a Comedy Team Workshop is just the thing for you. Learn the tricks of the trade from a comedian or director. In a short time you work on a mini-set, in which the basics of stand-up comedy are used: the set-up, punchline and the best one-liners. After this workshop your coffee break will be even better!

How? The workshop is conducted by a professional comedian or director. And it can also take place online, in which case the emphasis is more on writing great lines. At a workshop on location or in Club Haug you and your colleagues will also play the written set.

Price? We are happy to make you an offer.

Learn how to present

Do you always have clammy hands during a presentation? Or do you stumble over your words in front of a large audience? We can help you out! Our comedians have been on stage for years and share all the techniques to make your presentations relaxed.

How? Under the guidance of a comedian you will learn the most important presentation techniques. This is possible in Comedy Club Haug, or at your own location.

Price? We are happy to make you an offer.