The rooms

The rooms

Comedy Club Haug is located on the edge of downtown Rotterdam, right along the Maas River. Our terrace has a beautiful view onto the three iconic bridges of the city: De Hef, the Willemsbrug and the Erasmusbrug.

Main Room

This room is specially equipped for stand-up comedy. The audience sits around the stage, giving the visitor a unique experience. There is room for 220 guests, who don't have to miss a moment of the show thanks to our table service via the QR ordering system.

Need to go to the toilet? No problem, the sound of comedian and audience can be heard in the toilet areas.

Thanks to the extensive technology in the room, the possibilities are endless. Think of media screens, a high-end beamer and top quality audio and video installation. The shows are recorded by multiple Full-HD cameras and live streaming is possible.

The Corner Room

Our Corner Room is where the open mics, workshops, try-outs and pro-shows like Chuckle-Up! take place. There is room voor 75 guests and has recording facilities. It has three large mediascreens plus and an electric screen plus beamer. Just like in the other rooms, there is table service where your drink and snack are served at the table.

At the Bar

At The Bar

Our café can be transformed into a comedy room with a capacity of 100 in no time. Of course, the technology is also topnotch here and performances can be recorded. Extra nice: you can step straight onto the sunny terrace from the bar!

Podcast Studio

This soundproof podcast studio is equipped with high-end broadcast microphones and can be recorded with full-HD cameras. The studio also has live editing and directing facilities.