About Us

About Us

Comedy Club Haug is the first stand-up comedy stage in Rotterdam. We have shows spread over three halls almost every day. The club is located in Rotterdam aan de Maas. You are welcome for performances by the best national and international stand-up talent and promising newcomers.

Our regular programming includes:

Best of Stand-Up: the name says it all. Every Wednesday to Saturday Thursday we have a line-up with top comedians in our 'Main Room'. This really is the cream of the crop. A varied program in which our own club regulars are supplemented with big names from home and abroad.
Open Mic: Every Wed,- and Thursday you can enjoy new Dutch and English talent.
Is this Anything: Every Monday, the try-out evening for our club regulars and friends.
and Double shows: Regularly and irregularly there are solo programs by established talent, but also up-and-coming talent in the smaller halls of our club.

Comedians are coming from all of the world: Daniël Arends, Ronald Goedemondt, Peter Pannekoek, Hans Teeuwen, Patrick Laureij, Louis CK, Najib Amhali and Theo Maassen, among others, have entered our stage. Check out our full program to see who will be joining us soon.

Comedians at Comedy Club Haug are selected for charisma and authenticity. A level of honesty about who they really are as individuals. Authenticity as a comedian is the most important factor here. Only those who distinguish themselves from the mainstream are given a platform to develop further at Comedy Club Haug.

The owners Marcel Haug and Debbie van Polanen are known as the producers and founders of, among others: The Stand-Up Club and the International Comedy Festival Rotterdam. At Men at Work TV Productions, Marcel Haug made more than 350 TV programs: The Comedy Factory and Raymann is Laat, where he programmed talent such as Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Tony Woods, Patrice O'Neal, Jimmy Carr, Zach Galifianakis, Jim Jefferies, Maria Bamford and Bill Burr.

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Owner / Booker
Marcel Haug

Owner / Marketing / PR
Debbie van Polanen