Stand-Up Education

Stand-Up Education

How do I become a comedian?

An introductory course in stand-up comedy

Have you been fantasizing for years about being on that stage? The lights in your face, microphone in your slightly clammy hands, a hint of sweat under your armpits, an arsenal of perfectly timed jokes that are second to none... but no idea how to put on a good show. No problem! We can help you out with our introductory course to Stand-Up Comedy.

During the introductory course, you will work under the guidance of a comedian or director affiliated with Comedy Club Haug on writing a good joke. And you will learn how to convey this to your audience.

We'll help you develop a joke, explaining terms like the Set-up, the Punchline and the One-liner.

When you're done crafting your material, we'll show you how you can present it on stage. How’s your posture on stage? How do you handle the microphone? How do you time jokes so that your audience laughs at them?

The course ends on the stage of Comedy Club Haug. Where, in the spotlights, you’ll show your material to your fellow course members.

When the course is over, you will have had the opportunity to feel what it is like to stand on stage with a microphone in your hand. An unforgettable, educational, and fun experience.

length: 3 hours
location: Club Haug, Rotterdam
price: 95 euro per person, lunch included

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