Navin Noronha
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Navin Noronha

Navin Noronha is a writer-comedian who also dabbles in podcasting, improv, and production. Born and raised in suburban Mumbai, Navin is one of India’s first out, proud, and loud comedians who wishes to make the world a slightly better place-
before his exit. His comedy is a fine mix of sarcasm mixed with real experiences from his past, making it an addictive kind of humor (you are constantly asking for one more story).
He has performed at venues all over India and toured Australia in Feb 2020 representing Queer comedy from Asia as part of shows called Spice Night. He has also performed for the Utrecht Comedy Festival during the lockdown of 2021 and is invited physically this time to perform his new solo show, 'Homewrecker'.
He also writes for publications like Vice India, Quint, Hindustan Times and 101 India and was the host of the podcast ‘Keeping it Queer’ and the comedy podcast ‘Varta Lab'.

The Show description -
Navin Noronha grew up in a conservative catholic family in the suburbs of Mumbai. He never knew the exciting world that awaited his post coming out of the closet, stumbling into a world of sexy debauchery that would put his favourite parish priest to shame. From tackling sexual taboos in India to crazy threesome adventures, this show has it all! Witness the coming (out) of age story of a queer Indian homosexual and the many homes and homos he is about to wreck.

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