Conrad Molden
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Conrad Molden

A UK Man In The EU

Conrad has emerged as a household name across his home country of Denmark. Over the last 10 years he has achieved four sold-out one-man shows, including "Danglish," "Danglish 2", "Hyggelicious," and the latest addition, "ÆØÅ." Two of his performances have been streamed via TV2 Play, and all three of his initial shows are available for streaming on YouTube.

Conrad's quick-wit and impeccable comedic timing promise to captivate an audience. A comedian who never underestimates his audience, preferring to delight with subtle intellect and keen observation. Conrad's signature style effortlessly weaves Danish and English together, appealing to Danes, international viewers, and everyone in between.

On his most recent tour, Conrad sold over 20,000 tickets, entertaining thousands with his stand-up routines. His comedic genius extends beyond the stage, with clips from his stand-up being shared across all social platforms. You can find full shows, snippets and other funny bits via his YouTube channel

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do 10 okt 2024
21:00 - 22:00
Zaal: The Corner Room
Entree€ 20,00