Alina Sharipova
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Alina Sharipova

That Funny Feeling

Do you know that feeling when your dog is so hot that he's getting catcalled every single day and you become jealous and feel like a bad feminist? That's a pretty funny feeling.
Or that feeling when you realize that you hate lingerie because you just spent 160eur on underwear and it absolutely does not help with your self-esteem and you just end up feeling like a cupcake?
Or that feeling when your Dutch boyfriend gifts you a skydive session for your birthday but you never said you wanted to skydive so now you feel like he's trying to kill you?

Alina Sharipova is an Amsterdam based comedian. She has a lot of feelings and she is discombobulated by said feelings. Coming from a post- Soviet country (Uzbekistan) and growing up in the West (Belgium), she struggles with her identity. In her debut stand- up comedy show she talks about her immigrant upbringing, her self-esteem and her relationship with a Dutch guy.

This show runs 60 mins.

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za 23 sep 2023
18:30 - 19:30
Zaal: Main Room
Entree€ 16,50