Anshita Koul & Mari Volar

Anshita Koul & Mari Volar

The Clitoris Act

"The Clitoris Act or 2 cis 30-somethings and their obnoxious views about the perils of patriarchy” is a 2-women theatrical comedy show by Clit Comedy Club creators and international comedians Mari Volar and Anshita Koul.

In this show the two of them sit, stand and dance around the topics of what it’s like to take up space in the world, live in a country that isn’t yours, why catcalling is annoying but sometimes surprisingly refreshing, what it’s like to be surrounded by baby-making machines and how to properly lodge complaints with the Patriarchy. They also have some very questionable choreography to display.

First premiering at the Hunderpro festival in 2021, The Clitoris Act is an ever-changing comedic story about the lives of two extraordinary ordinary women.

How do women – who don’t follow the rules they were born into – navigate the post-Spice Girls ‘you can do anything’ era, where every mistake you make can be seen on Instagram by thousands of your peers?

This is what “The clitoris act” does – it looks at the way women feel and are treated in today’s world through the funny and ridiculous lens of comedy.

Laughter is not just great medicine, it is also a great educator. Anshita calls the discomfort punchline and Mari believes it’s funny because it’s true.

In official stats:

"The Clitoris Act" has during its 2.5 years of life:
Travelled to 8 countries, 16 cities and performed to approximately 900 people.

It has been trolled online by men who are afraid the show will teach women how to masturbate (it unfortunately does not) and thus inspired an international collaboration with a feminist sex shop in Latvia (to make sure women CAN indeed masturbate better).

The Clitoris Act is brazenly feminist, fat and fun. It is an entertaining safe space for people from marginalized backgrounds and a scary beast for patriarchal heteronormativity.

It has been written about in Luxembourg and Riga (we don't know what though, as it was in Latvian), it has been featured on a Hungarian feminist podcast and been interviewed for a like-minded outlet in Estonia (not yet published).

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Sat, Mar 09, 2024  |  07:00 PM
Room: Corner Room
Price€ 18,00