Reece Kidd

Reece Kidd is a Northern Irish comedian living in London.

Reece’s crowd work show “0 plans” had a sold out run in the Edinburgh fringe 2023 with top reviews from audience members.

Reece was one part of the “3 Unwise Men” which also had a sold out run in Edinburgh

Reece is the resident Emcee’s of JK Comedy Club a weekly pro night at Spice of Life.

Reece hosts the “Kidding” podcast where he chats with funny people. New Episode every Tuesday.

Reece’s standup clips have got over 10 million views online.

Before comedy Reece got one a first class honours degree in computer science and an award for best undergraduate project before becoming a software Engineer. He’s attempted many startups. None of them were successful so now he’s a comedian.