Neil Robinson

After a 2 year stint back home in the motherland, I moved back to Amsterdam in 2013 to rekindle my love affair with the Dutch and all their peculiarities!
In addition to being a stand-up comedian, I write and host a comedy sketch series entitled “Survival Guide to the Dutch” – a collaborative effort with Tom Roes & Jesse Cohen. I also co-own a cool little boat tour company called 'Those Dam Boat Guys'.

When it comes to living in the low lands, and that important life/work balance, life always wins! Along the way, it seems that there’s a never-ending source of comedic inspiration. Luckily for me, the thing the Dutch love to laugh at the most is themselves!

My current life as a comedian living in Amsterdam is something that I could never have predicted. I originally moved to the low lands from Vancouver, Canada in 2008, with the intention of just staying for the summer. A few years and hundreds of gig later, I realized how unexpectedly plans change!