Open Mic in English
Onderstaande tekst is in het Engels omdat de show in het Engels is.

Open Mic in English

MC Neil Robinson

Club Haug is always looking for tomorrow's talent and offers space for comedians to develop. New Talent is the place to discover new comedy talent and where comedians can test new material on the audience.

If you are or think you would like to become a comedian and would like to play at one of our Open Mic events, please contact us and also send a video to On Wednesday we have an English spoken open mic and on Thursday a Dutch spoken open mic. We are always looking for new talent to work with. You might become one of our regular comedians!

MC Neil Robinson
Charles Stevens
Austin Hale
Bram Komen
Slan Docksey
and more

This is not the order of the line-up.
The line-up is subject to change, check the website for the latest line-up.
The show runs about 2 houres including intermission.

Table service
We have table service with QR code, order, pay and your snacks and drinks are being served at your table

29 juni 2022  |  20:00 UUR
Zaal: At The Bar
Entree€ 9,00